Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I won't be updating here from now onwards... thanks

Please visit

Friday, May 15, 2009 “All Things to Grow & Save the Woman’s Pockets'

They share latest warehouse sales updates, blogs, shopping tips, interesting topics that you can read up as well as videos.
Basically, 5 new videos will be shared every week.
These are all "How To" videos that cover 1) How to Make Up, 2) How to do Hairstyles, 3) How to Dance, 4) How to do Yoga , 5) How to Body Tone.

Personally, i love it.
They shared simple yet useful stuffs that every girl can pick up easily.
Oh yes, the bloggers are categorized into different groups; Glam Queens, Emo Queens, Blood Sisters & Bargain Queen.
Elaine, Miyake, Celestina & myself are the Glam Queens.
My new Bloglink that i will be using for the next 2yrs is and i won't be blogging on blogspot anymore. Good bye to blogspot!
This is my last entry on blogspot. Now, it's time for you to check out the site for yourself!

Met elaine at Bugis...
i was wearing the corset top from clubcouture...

sigh... i look like a panda on last pic

With Hot mama Joanne...
she has beautiful eyes and super long lashes...
miss her babyboy too... he's simply cute! too bad he's too young for me.. HAHAA

Monday, May 11, 2009

Hey people!
I know i haven't update my blog lately. Have been kinda "busy", please be patient!
My blog site will auto direct to my new blogsite- soon.. By then, i won't be using blogspot

It's 2009 now.... i was so in love with this soundtrack.. correction*- i still love it.
remember this touching japanese drama during year 2000?


Met elaine at Jurong point on mon...
Had lunch at Ding Tai Feng

Random pictures...
Taken during KTV session after photoshoot on Thurs evening...

At ECP... ordered dessert and orange juice...
Looked appealing but i was very Disappointed... taste awful~ Booo...

Present from US..
VS!!! love it~

Friday, May 8, 2009

Invitation from MJ..

I'm so in love with the beautiful set up and theme of this Chapter- Innocent Pleasure!

We all had great time! Plus we have superb news to share with our readers for some upcoming MJ activities!
Had an exotic dance lesson & peacock hunt for past 2 activities... Wanna know what happened for this activity??
Please stay tuned for next MJ update okay?

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I didn't know that i didn't update my blog for so many days!
i promise to update today by sharing my NEW LOVE!


Envious about the Korean stars with natural flawless look?? BB cream is the answer to your question! It is combination of Skin Care & Makeup product.

What is a BB cream? BB cream refers to Blemish Balm cream. BB Cream was first used as an after treatment care product to cover the redness for people who underwent laser surgery. It is said that It contains healing properties that helps to conceal and protect the healing skin yet at the same time encourages skin regeneration!

Feverlet BB Cream is now popular among popular makeup artist; It is highly recommended by Korean makeup artist Kim Sun Hee.

It's all in one function cream- sun protect + makeup base + skin cover + foundation + Skin care formular. Helps to soften skin texture and improve overall complexion.

Only 1 shade with pinkish undertone is available and it blends very well with all skin types & tones, adding radiance on skin. Some skincare products may end up leaving you a 'whitish' face, but not bb cream! It gets absorb really quickly and easily! As you can see, I'm quite tan and it is still suitable for me.

Applied it on my hand and look... it blends well

Texture is smooth and easy to spread. It evens out skin tone like a tinted moisturizer and it is moisturizing for dehydrated skin. It helps to camouflage under eye circles, acne scars, freckles, blemishes and hide blackheads. Prolonged used of the product will also help improve the overall texture of the skin and fade acne scars.

Okay, let me share my first try with you guys..

Right after i apply the bb cream on my face.. Just bb cream,nothing else on my else. To my surprise, it somehow covered up my panda eyes!

yea, it looks abit whitish on me but no worries....

After a while, it looks fine! The bb cream blend into my skin and now, giving the natural matte look.

When i was out with Joanne and Eric!

Main ingredient includes Kinetin, Vitamin-C, Arbutin, Centella, Liposome, Green Tea Extract, Hyaluronic acid. Personally, I love it because of its convenience and the skin care functions! I use it as the last step of skincare routine, after which i apply Majolica Majorca's skin linger & skin remarker to give me very smooth complexion!

Kindly visit for more details!

Thanks! ♥


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

2 more pics for now.....
Hurray! it's long wkend!!

Saw stella on Safra's poster!
she's so pretty!
anyways.... pls visit to support her okay??

Dinner at Amici... great dinner :D

love my checkered blue shirt..
ter said that i stole a table cloth and wore it!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Over due pic with my sweet gf...

taken at party world.. haha.. went with derek n eric...

After sunday's shoot... with the pretty girls..

Rushed home to put down my stuff... n rush down for movie with terence- my piggy fren.. haha

Watched sniper... then went for dinner at Black Angus

Delicious dinner~
After the dinner, we watched 17 again....
it was a funny show...
esp the part whereby the school principal speak elf language!! that's so random...
the part about the man pronouncing his wife's friend's name Naomi.. then Naomi corrected him twice.. It's not Nao-mi! it's Na-o-mi!
Terence and i looked at each other and laughed...

cos i know of a girl name Naomi who can't pronounce her own name.. In my opinion, it's pretty sad to mispronounce you own name.
There was once herbie saw her and pronounce her name Na-o-mi(nā-ō'mē), she glared at him as though he was a "low" class fella who can't pronounce her name. She insisted that her name is pronounced as Nao-mi. Poor herbert korkor..
Maybe she wanna be special, so she prefer her name to be pronounced as Nao-mi/Na-Yumi or Yumi over Na-o-mi. Hopefully, she watched this show and corrected it?

anyways... i will be back for more updates...
gonna prepare and rush off for dinner..
another L4D session with friends!!!